Replay of the Twitch Marathon

Dear community,

On the weekend of January 13-14, streamers took turns to share their love for Twinsen in a successful event organized by Phreak, marked by high engagement, quality, and friendly exchanges.

We were pleased to contribute with a one-hour stream where we played the pre-alpha version of the TLBA remake and answered questions. A shortened version of this stream can be found below:

Additionally, you can access all community videos from this event via the following playlist:

A HUGE thanks to all streamers who participated: BoereoYGatuna, Gsmes20, xsef, Mavelus, Blake, Amanekko, E.P. Mager, RoxerLBA, Flamewizo, Chuky, Freeman, DXDeus, Iguelin, Coffemonsters, Mabrie, JoanVetulani and Aurore

Thank you for this memorable moment, we love you!



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