Reboot, remaster or remake ? The answer

Dear community,

As promised, it’s high time to explain our project in detail. Since the creation of our studio in 2021, our vision has always been to bring the Little Big Adventure series back to life.

The Abandoned Reboot

Our initial ambition was to reinvent the story of Twinsen through a reboot: discovering his origins, his powers, and his entry into this extraordinary universe. With the invaluable support of Didier and Fred, we redefined this universe, without constraints and for 18 months, integrating:

  • A new gameplay
  • A new camera
  • A new story
  • A unique biome and story per island
  • A new artistic direction

The Evolution Towards The Remaster

Faced with the difficulties of convincing a publisher for the reboot, we announced the project of remastering the original games. This project – less risky – was intended to reassure publishers about the potential of the license. By remaster, we mean the original game with mainly graphical improvements. For a while, the reboot and the remaster coexisted.

Unfortunately, the reboot project did not convince. We found ourselves with a remaster project that didn’t really excite us. After working on a reboot free of many constraints, the return to reality was difficult. We then decided to modify this project to arrive at what will be released: the remake.

The Alchemy of the Remake

Thus, the remake project was born, merging the best of our initial ideas and classic elements of the series. This remake of Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure Classic originally made in 1994 will integrate:

  • A smoother gameplay
  • A modernized main storyline
  • The geographical continuity of outdoor scenes
  • A reinvented artistic direction
  • The improvements from LBA2 Classic
  • A harmonization between LBA1 and LBA2

Other changes and novelties are planned, but we will talk about them later.

We hope this article answers your questions and clarifies our intentions.

Your Involvement

What are your expectations for this remake? What elements would you like to see integrated or improved? Your passion and suggestions guide us in this adventure.

As a result, the game’s name is now Little Big Adventure.

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88 thoughts on “Reboot, remaster or remake ? The answer”

    1. Please consider history and the magnificent elements that have placed us here today. Do not be so quick to trade the past for the future. Patience, and respect are due here. The age of the game and the age of the gamers. We all love Twinsun but we all don’t agree on politics. Please just make a fair game.

      If you going to “modernize” what is it that’s so great about the culture of now? Especially now. Maybe classic elements that have stood the test of time are ok too. Thank you.

      1. Agreed, we don’t want a “modernized” storyline. We want an imaginative story line. Such a loaded word that says “we’re going to force something”

  1. Okay, I’m out. good luck with what you are doing but.. I kinda joined up for LBA either LBA 3 or ‘another’ LBA game.. this is just.. gonna be something completely different tailored to a different audience but using some of the same names and ideas.. something which would come off as a ‘bad fan project’ if it was done in such a way.. again, Good luck with you guys and whatever you are doing, but this isn’t anything to do with LBA that I have sitting on my shelves. Personally, As I’m an totally independent game creator (where you guys seam to be semi-independent), I could just do something myself If I wasn’t so busy with a team FAR smaller then you guys with FAR less budget.

    So.. sorry if this sounds insulting but I’ve been watching how this has been going for a while now and while some bits I would accept as ‘stupid but okay.. Maybe a fan patch will ‘fix’ or give options like in other games’ or just ‘I guess I can live with that’ but it seams the ‘vision’ is too far removed from what has gone before and what people have been trying to keep alive for soo many years. Not a surprise.. look at TV and film ‘reboots’.. they go the same way and are forgotten as quickly..

      1. I think what he means is that you guys that have a bigger budget and bigger team can’t seem to get something out that’s good and him that has less of a budget can probably make something better and more efficient.

        In all honesty though, its rather sad that all this got announced so soon when there’s barely much to show.

    1. You really could have opted out without the comment, honestly. If you’re not convinced, just move on like you said, but there’s not much constructive here, the ‘I could have done better myself-if’, well… So, good riddance then.

        1. What with Windows 7 compatible version? So no bloated Windows losing Windows 9X look will be needed? Really Windows 7 still permits setting look and feel of Windows 9X…

  2. Great that you continue the project. From my point of view, I would like the game to be configurable in such way that the original game feeling can be recreated. I anderstand that many young players are irritated by the keybord controls. For me its the other way around: when mastered (yes, it tools few hours to get out of the citadell) the keybord allows for great game experience and it so fun to rotate twinsen just enought to get the expected ball rebond.
    So please: possibility to play the old way, without graphical help for the ball trajectory, and even allow for twinsen to hurt himself when running into a wall.

    1. The player should be able to play the way they want to, just like you’re asking for here right now. So what you’re asking shouldn’t be the “forced” way either.

    2. No hurting while running into walls please, it was awful! 😀 They even removed it from TLBA2.
      I understand that you enjoyed the original mechanics, but this game is 30 years old. I suspect that the new game aims to also reach the new audience, which won’t enjoy the mechanics which are so old and difficult nowadays. So I think that the mechanics should be new, pleasant and intuitive. Maybe the developers will let us choose an optional old mechanics in the setting, but I think that the default settings should be suitable for modern games. That’s why it’s called a remake.

  3. I would love to replay the old games (especially the second part, which I have replayed countless times) in a modern graphical shell. I wouldn’t touch the game mechanics and soundtrack (especially the music). If it happens – my happiness will be unbelievable!

    1. The music should definitely stay, even if it’ll be recorded again, but we want to hear the familiar style and the melodies that we love.
      But I don’t think that the game mechanics should stay the same. They’re 30 years old and extremely not-intuitive nowadays. The goal of the new game is to also reach new audience, not just let the hardcore fans to play the very same game from 30 years ago.

      1. I would agree if there were any gameplay issues (at least in part 2)…but there are none! I still regularly replay these games and have no difficulties 😉
        P.S. In my understanding the perfect remaster was made with the 1st Mafia game. Everything was left as it is, graphics were pulled up to modern realities. Played with great pleasure. The same here…
        P.S.2. Oh, there is 1 issue (but that’s more of a quibble than a real problem) with previous games: you have to push enter every time you want the camera to move;)

  4. Fantastic news. I will always replay the originals, so am excited about the prospect of something entirely reimagined. I’m thrilled the project is back up and running!

    1. Same here! I want it to be reimagined – modified story with plenty of new content, deeper lore, more developed plot, unique locations, unique characters.
      We can always play the old game to see the old content. Let’s finally have something new <3

  5. I don’t think a remake is a bad idea. However, there are some points that should be kept in high consideration.

    Both music and the adventure experience were the most valuable keypoints for LBA and LBA2. LBA2 was the best example of this. Zeelich was incredibly well portrayed, truly immersive; it felt like a completely different land, and you didn’t know what to expect or what you would find there. The sense of adventure felt great, almost as if it were real, and you were there experiencing it. Music was a significant contributor to achieving this atmosphere.

    I think it would be great to keep things small to maintain this sense of adventure. Nowadays, many games are built with really large maps, almost empty, with not many things to do aside from boring side quests. LBA and LBA2 successfully avoided that. Maps were relatively small, simplicity was always present, and there were many details that brought the scenarios to life. Charismatic characters, great dialogues, and numerous little secrets that weren’t mandatory but added excitement to replaying the game.

    Additionally, I believe that both the magic ball system, the extremely simple life/magic mechanics, and the 4-status mode would be nice to keep. There were not many tools or weapons, so keeping it simple would be ideal. Also, don’t forget about the meca-penguins or the jetpack; these elements can’t be missing.

    Music is also crucial. I would invest effort in maintaining the same quality, especially considering the success of the LBA Symphonic Suite Kickstarter. It became clear that music was a strong point, even for people like me who, 20 years later, regularly listen to this OST.

    However, I’m afraid the decision to not bring out LBA3 is still quite heavy. We loved LBA2, and we have been waiting for LBA3 for many years. Still, I doubt there’s a single person who would be happy not to have this third game done. It’s really sad.

    If this remake sells well, I hope you don’t lose sight of the fact that LBA3 should be released, even if it’s after another 10 years.

    1. Music should definitely stay, even if it’ll be recorded again. Same style, same melodies, from both LBA1 and LBA2. Hopefully the same composer! Or maybe a collaboration of the same composer with a new one? Composers can also collaborate and create wonders together.

      I also loved that the original games felt like a real little big adventure – starting from a small scale, developing into the global mission to save the world.

      And I’m also upset that LBA3 won’t happen (yet). Maybe some day.
      But let’s hope for as much of new content in the remake as possible. Some of that new content can be based on ideas rejected from the original plans of LBA1 and LBA2. Some other content can be based on the plans for LBA3! The more new content we’ll get, the more interesting it’ll be for us, who were waiting for so long for something new.

  6. I just hope it’s full 3D free camera, to play the hurt Dinofly’s storyline, to be able to mount him and travel to the Desert Island. I also hope it keeps the original fun-but-irrelevant elements like getting hit by kids’ brothers or intercoursing with cows.

    1. Those are from LBA2, though. The one getting a remake is LBA1.
      LBA2 is really good even for today’s standards, though (except for the controls maybe), so I’m glad the first one is getting a remake. It’s well deserved. =]

  7. I think this is the best game ever, the story is amazing. I would love to have:
    – the same story, without changes, maybe a few small extra missions or tasks, trying to avoid new ideologies (for instance woke culture, introduced in many new games)
    – the music, this is amazing, it would be great to listen to a “remake” of the music too, the same but with improvements
    – I would like, instead of a reboot, to have something like LBA3

    1. I have to disagree. What’s the point of making a new game with the very same story from 30 years ago?
      There’s a TLBA1 Classic on Steam and everyone can play it to see exactly the same story. That’s why the developers published a new version of TLBA1 with some improvements, so the hardcore fans could enjoy that very old game once again.
      But the remake is aimed for both hardcore fans and the new audience. So the story has to be deeper, better, newer, more advanced. I am a hardcore fan and I know the original story by heart. I don’t need to see the very same story again, I can always play TLBA1 Classic if I want to. So I really hope that the new game will have as much of a new story ass possible, I hope they’ll add plenty of story and deeper lore from their ideas of a reboot. Newer audience loves lore and deeper stories, and the plot of TLBA1 didn’t have much depth, unlike LBA2.

      As for the music, of course it’s iconic and the iconic melodies should stay, and the new music should have similar, recognizable feeling <3

    2. “Woke” means: aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)

      If you didn’t think that was part of the core game anyway you were missing something. That, or more likely, you just don’t know what woke actually is. Quite common amongst people who have a supposed issue with it… 🤣

      1. I guess that people don’t want the remake to feel like its main goal is to focus on some political messages instead of focusing on a good story. And I understand that, it’s not like original games were overly focused on social injustice and other problems of our world, so the remake shouldn’t overly focus on that anyway.

        But there is one very important political theme at the core of both games – dictatorship, totalitarianism, governmental control taking away people’s freedom. Those ideas were at the core of both games, so they have to stay equally important.

        Zoe was definitely underdeveloped in the first game, there wasn’t much depth in her character. I’d love to see more of her. But not because she’s a woman, but because she’s supposed to be an important character, Twinsen’s love, whose abduction started this whole adventure. So I’d love to see Zoe in a bigger role, having more of an interesting personality. She doesn’t have to be a girlboss proving her girl power by humiliating men or being stronger than Twinsen. She just has to be an interesting and well written character, who isn’t defined only by being female character. She’s Twinsen’s best friend, the love of his life, his future wife and mother of his children. I want to see more depth in her character and in her relationship with Twinsen.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. Zoé is kinda reduced to a damsel in distress in the first game. She’s much better developed in the second one, even if she had a minor role. I’d sure love to see her having more conversations with Twinsen, leading us to feel more like she’s our partner and he’s her partner. They can make decisions together. She trusts him and he trusts her.
          Having the final battle changed so she’s part of it somehow would be just perfect by the way, even if it’s just something small like having her throw stuff at Funfrock or to you, or having her control some machinery (she’s good at that, after all). Also a main plot point could very well be that she was taken hostage precisely because she knows her way around machines and she could pose a threat to Funfrock’s clone army, instead of her being taken just to intimidate us. (Maybe she was even more involved in the rebellion than Twinsen was, before this adventure…? All of these sound great.)

          Anyway, back on the first point, the original game was already about dictatorship and overthrowing a government that cares less about its people than they seem. The plot can only get into that even more, so no matter what’s done, some people will always accuse it of being “political”… for the very same reason we actually do need it to be even more political.

          Please, to all those involved, do make the game however you want, with your heart and soul, with no fear of some internet backlash, and I assure you, it’s gonna shine even brighter than it’s always have.

          Big hugs and best of luck. 🫶🏼

          1. I always understood it as Zoé being taken away was more about being used as bait for the chosen one, Twinsen, to break the seal at the Well of Sendell for FunFrock.
            That could still be how the story goes, but I would prefer her to be captured halfway through the game or later instead, letting her have a bigger and more active part in the story during the first half.

  8. If you make a remake of LBA1 and 2, and if the success is here, do you think we can dream of LBA 3? The original one which was planned The Genesis of the Stellar Entity. I deeply think you can do something awesome by remaking LBA 1 & 2. I think Sendell should be seen and heard to more momentum (climax) during the game. Sendell is important.
    Thank you to make us dream for the Impossible (in French l’Un-Possible, le Seul Possible).

    1. I hope that some ideas from TLBA3 will be added to this remake, if it’s possible. They can always add some new content to the plot of LBA1.

  9. Exciting news! Thank you for clarifying it!
    I was honestly so excited about the original plans for the reboot and I loved every idea behind it – the new, improved story, more lore about Twinsun and Twinsen, unique biome and story per island. It sounded like a dream! That’s exactly what I was dreaming about, even if we wouldn’t get the LBA3 game yet.
    So I was quite disappointed when we learned that the reboot will be abandoned, and only remaster will be done – with new, beautiful graphics, with technical improvements and some other features (I loved the journal and the character entries about NPCs! All the lore is amazing!), but it would’ve been the same LBA1 game after all, with new graphics, but the same story.

    So I am extremely happy to hear that you’ll incorporate some of reboot ideas into the remake, please – consider adding as much as possible into this project. I’m so excited about the new ideas about the lore, story, characters and locations. It shouldn’t be wasted! So I hope that you can add as much of the reboot ideas as possible.
    I’m very happy to hear that the story will be modernized, but don’t hesitate to modify it, to add new elements, especially the elements which you wanted to use in the reboot – deeper Twinsun lore, more of Twinsen’s story, deeper characters, races, stories behind everything.

    And I’m happy to hear that there will be a new artistic direction. But maybe you can still give every island a different biome just like you wanted to do in a reboot?

    I love to hear that the new remake will be consistent with TLBA2, it’s a beautiful game and it would be amazing for the remake to resemble it as much as possible. But maybe you can still add some elements initially planned for LBA3 or for the reboot? I’d love to see as much of the new content as possible, even if the story itself will be based on TLBA1, this story can still be modified and many new elements can be added to it.

    I only have one question – to what extent do you want the remake to resemble the demo of a remastered verion? Do you want to make this remake based on the demo of remastered or are you starting from a scratch now? It’s great to hear that you’re planning to do the continuous outdoor locations, but I’d love to have an outdoor camera perspective from TLBA2 Classic if it’s possible, it was amazing.

    So please, don’t hesitate to add as many of reboot ideas as possible, to modify the story, to add much more depth to Twinsen’s story, the lore of Twinsun, its races, Sendells, its history. And don’t hesitate to modify the locations to give every island a different theme, biom and story. It would be awesome not to waste your ideas from the reboot, I hope that you can still use many of them in the remake.

    Good luck! I keep my fingers crossed <3 Thank you for this exciting update, I'll be waiting for the new ones to come.

  10. Great to hear from you!
    I don’t think the story line and the artistic direction should be changed, though. We love the LBA universe the way it is.
    I would love a saving button in LBA, as there is in LBA2, because having to redo a scene over and over again is just so irritating I ended up giving up on LBA.
    LBA2 is perfect as it is, I’m afraid many of us would be too nostalgic to like any major change!
    (And I’m not giving up on the idea of a potential LBA3 someday!)

    1. But what’s the point of the remake if it’s exactly the same as LBA1? TLBA1 Classic is there on steam, it has some improvements, everyone can play it and enjoy the story from 30 years ago, but I think we all know it by heart.
      As a hardcore fan, I’d rather see as much of a new story as possible. No one will take the old game away from us, but that’s why we want a new game, to see as much new content as possible.
      And the new audience also likes more advanced stories with deeper lore.

      As for the artistic direction, I think it should stay recognizable to the old games (especially LBA2), but still look modern enough for the new audience. I liked the art direction of a demo version, it was pretty.

      I also love LBA2 and it was perfect <3 I hope that the remake will resemble it as much as possible, but I want plenty of new content, as I can always play the old games, but we all know them too well

  11. “A modernized main storyline”
    😬 oh no… I hope it is not what im thinking..What’s the need of changing the classic story?

    1. Because it’s a remake 😀 The game which should be interesting for the new audience, but also be interesting for the old fans who know the classic story too well.
      It’s been 30 years, we know the original story very well. I hope that the remake will have deeper lore, more developed story <3

        1. I understand what you mean. I don’t mean that “the old story is outdated, it has to be more progressive”. I want a new content, new good story, but written with passion and with talent, just like the original games. Not to push some agenda just for the purpose of it.
          So I won’t mind if Zoe will be much more important to the story as long as she’s well written, with talent and depth. Not just to make her a shallow girlboss with no personality.

          I also think that Twinsen population is quite diverse with its 4 races (and the elves!) coming in various different skin colors. It’ll be interesting to see the various diverse NPCs of all races and colors. LBA1 didn’t have female grobos and spheros, while Zoe was the only female quetch, there also weren’t any children there. I think it’ll be just more interesting and realistic to see more of a variety of characters.
          As for the racial diversity – I think it’ll be interesting for every island to have unique demographics justified by history and lore.

          Quetches, Spheros, Grobos and Rabibunnies can originally come from different islands.
          Are Rabibunnies originally from Hamalaya village or from the Desert Island? Was civilization of Bu created by rabibunnies or different races? That can all be explored in the game.

          Maybe orange rabibunnies are more prominent on one island and brown ones or another.
          Same with grey, blue, beige and brown grobos. Or Quetches of different ethnicities.
          It would make sense for the Principal Island to be the most diverse and mixed, but every Island can have unique demographics justified by lore.

  12. I really like the new plans. It’s understandable that the reboot and remaster didn’t work out as intended, and that you’re now trying the best of both in one project, essentially.
    Personally I just hope it won’t be Steam exclusive, because I use GoodOldGames (GOG) instead or just the classic CDs.

    Content-wise, what I always find important is a good balance between character skill and player skill. For instance, Twinsen’s going to train his Magic level and that level could determine what enemies can effectively be defeated (e.g. red franco’s don’t get harmed from green level), but it takes skill from the player to apply Magic effectively (e.g. you have to aim the magic ball). No gameplay should ever be entirely player skill dependent, but player skill shouldn’t become entirely irrelevant either. It gets annoying if some type of gameplay requires an incredible amount of agility and a player is just not able to perform the task, whereas it could also get annoying or boring for a more experienced or able player, if they don’t get challenged.

  13. I don’t often take the time to comment but I do follow your newsletter, and I’m really happy you found out solutions to finance your project for LBA even if it’s not exactly your base idea. In the future, who knows…

    I already said it somewhere, but LBA is my childhood game that my late father used to make me play so it means the world to me. I’m just happy the name lives one, you have my full support !

  14. Hello,

    I’m a Brazilian who grew up playing these games and today I really like games and I wanted to give my opinion.

    I believe that with the 2 games that already exist, if they were unified into a sequential story they could provide a number of hours of play that would compete with today’s open world games such as God of War (4 and 5), Arkham Collection, Assassins Creed, Spider Man, FNAF Security Breach and many others…

    With a combination of the first 2 games in an open world environment, it opens up the possibility of adding secondary stories authored by the team that would bring an innovation to the original experience, maintaining the main story of the game or even modifying some aspects so that the secondary stories affect the main story or some are even part of the normal trajectory of the game.

    With this, the team would have 2 planets, Twinsum and Zeelich to create different scenarios, NPCs, islands, routes, etc. where the world would be more welcoming for players who like to fully explore a virtual world.

    Putting all this together there would be a visual remaster of the game, a remake of the main story, where the main story would be the same but there would be more steps and situations and a complete reboot of the story telling everything together and with a twist and innovation with the population of the planets.

    Having said that, after all I believe that this is in line with what was said in the post, it would be interesting to see new fighting styles, where a specific weapon is needed or a way of passing without being seen, implementing the need for new equipment, way of thinking and possibilities, making the game more fluid for the way each player plays.

    For example, there is a peaceful route to reach the end, or a more aggressive one, perhaps a way for this to interfere with interactions with NPCs, the way some characters react to this, new equipment and options in the game that make it possible to make the game more difficult or easier.

  15. I don’t understand much about game market and publishers but I understand that you need to convince people with this project . There’s the need to convince the publisher piece by piece. What if you do the remaster and start new content by releasing DLCs? If the DLCs go well, maybe a new game project would be easier to convince the publisher.

    1. That sounds like a nice idea. But maybe they can do both? Maybe it’s possible to add plenty of new content to the remake and modify, improve the original ideas, make the game more complex.

      But maybe it’s also possible to release some other additional content as some DLCs? Maybe some ideas from the Reboot can be published as a DLC for the fans to buy? All the LBA fans will be happy to support the project financially to make future games more likely to happen

      DLCs could have some ideas from the reboot, unused ideas from both LBA1 and LBA2, or maybe some old ideas for LBA3.

      DLC could also be a separate story set before LBA1 or after it, between LBA1 and LBA2. Or maybe in some new locations. Or maybe we could play as Zoe during the DLC? 😀
      So many ideas

  16. Too bad we couldn’t get what was originally planned, but that’s still exciting news! I can’t wait to play the remake version of LBA! And maybe in the future, if the remake is a sucess (and I believe it will be), a bigger project could be back on the radar.

  17. D’un autre côté, si on veut l’histoire originale, on joue au jeu original. Personnellement, j’aimerais que, quitte à repartir du même, ce soit l’occasion de découvrir de nouvelles choses sur l’univers, d’avoir de petites quêtes supplémentaires dans certains lieux pour développer les rencontres avec certains personnages, de relever un peu le niveau à la fin, où l’on essuie ridiculement FunFrock en quelques secondes.

    Et je n’aime pas trop la surcharge visuelle de la trajectoire en bleu et de la cible en couleur à l’utilisation de la balle magique. Je l’espère optionnelle.

    1. A ce propos, je trouve que pour simplifier, un système de focus, dans le sens où tous les tirs seraient canalisés vers la cible sélectionnée, serait moins lourd. Ce devrait être facultatif aussi car la difficulté en prendrait un coup, mais ce serait moins envahissant. Puis ça peut être intéressant en mettant davantage en valeur l’esquive. Les ennemis de Twinsen manquent un peu de souplesse.

  18. This is good news! Seems to be the best of both (all) worlds 🙂 My main concerns are that the original feel of the game should be upheld as strongly as possible. Don’t try to make it too fancy, but keep the cute but urgent, violent but non-violent approach of the originals. I don’t remember much of the original, but I distinctly remember the whole atmosphere, the evolution of Twinsen, how the locations were feeling, how the game became progressively more difficult.

    So, in short, if you’re able to make and old but new game without losing the atmosphere, you can’t go wrong 🙂

  19. Hello! Thank you for the update and I look forward to whatever it is you decide to do. I’m just happy that LBA is still being discussed by the creators and the community all these years later. I know you have a lot on your hands (especially pleasing fans—based on some of these comments, the fanbase is a little weirder than I expected 😂) so I wish you the best of luck! I wish I could help with this project, that would be a dream come true! 💕

  20. Je suis plutôt emballé à l’idée de voir un remake de LBA voir le jour.
    Par contre j’ai quelques doutes quant à la direction que prendra la nouvelle “histoire”.
    Pour moi, l’histoire originelle ne devrait presque pas être retouchée, mis à part peut-être gommer quelques moments trop difficiles (le chantier ?).
    Comme beaucoup de joueurs, j’attends donc que l’atmosphère des jeux ne change pas, ce qui sera difficile à réaliser, et le playtest de cet été semblait artistiquement bien trop différent pour rentrer dans cette catégorie.

  21. Hey! Thanks for the update! So you wanted honest feedback right?

    The reBOOT – this is what I had been hoping for the whole time, and it is a shame it can’t happen. This game series was a huge part of my childhood, and when the news first broke, I had my father, my friend, my sister all messaging me “did you hear me? An LBA3!” I do understand that you need to keep publishers happy and interested, and I understand why it can’t happen, but I am sad.

    The reMASTER – I will be totally honest, when I saw the gameplay trailer for the remaster, I lost interest. I think you have a very small but hardcore fan base who lived through MS-DOS gaming in the 90s, and find appeal and nostalgia in LBAs aesthetic and what it means to them. While I’m not saying the remastered art style was inherently bad or you did a bad job, it wasn’t for me. I *personally* didn’t like the art style or the animations, the projection lines to show where the ball is being thrown etc. if it’s the same game with these updates, I would just play the original game again and pass on the remaster. I prefer the art style of the original so I will just play that.

    The re..make? – I am potentially interested. I would however wait for more detail first. How will it look? Will it use an art style closer to the original or the remaster? Will the modernisation of game mechanics actually aid gameplay, or simply make the game too easy and too close to other games, thus losing the unique appeal that LBA has? Id be willing to find out. I am a bit apprehensive about “modernised storyline elements” as I feel the original storyline was just fine. What it screams to me is that Zoe may walk on screen screaming “hi I’m Zoe and I’m trans and non binary and I identify as a wolf on Tuesdays” etc, we don’t need that stuff in LBA. LBA is a lovely time capsule back to the 90s where society had real problems, and I thought that was nicely told through LBAs 4 races who found a way to live in harmony against a common enemy. About the right level of “woke” I would say. I really hope this modernisation of a story isn’t nauseating.

    In summary – still extremely disappointed about no reboot, but I understand the limitations. The remaster just isn’t for me based on what I’ve seen, and the remake I would need more clarification in the future, which I’m sure you will provide

    Either way, from one passionate fan of LBA to another, I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavours

  22. Sounds great. I really liked the prison/escape from dictatorship in LBA1, and assaulting bases and liberation with friends. It was a good vibe, the feeling of changing the world for the better. I feel like the item progression stuff was better in LBA1 than 2, but the magic level progression was better in 2 – a bit less arbitrary and more developed. LBA2 felt more diverse in terms of environments, but it would be great to see them all back, bigger and better.

  23. Nós fãs somos saudosistas, ou seja, entender que o remake será o “mesmo” jogo, porém com gráficos a e adicionais pode ferir um pouco nossos corações.
    Porém, acredito que haja espaço para o novo!

    O que mais me chamava a atenção era a imersão, era tão grande que superava a jogabilidade.
    Mantenho as músicas, personagens, diálogos com bom humor e se possíveis acrescentem Easter Eggs, como eu disse no início, os fãs saudosistas vão adorar encontrar referencias que somente quem jogou os anteriores irão saber.

    Tenho muita coisa pra falar, mas ficaria um texto enorme.

    Boa sorte e bom trabalho!

  24. I LOVE the franchise, but I was disappointed with that playtest, at several points… you’re going to rethink and redo that, right?

  25. I’ve already mentioned it… the strength of the LBA series was stealth and freedom in solving problems [at least in some locations].
    I don’t know if porting the ’97 game in 1:1 proportions is a good idea. The world of that game with its mechanics is already very old and it is difficult to expect that such a conversion will be successful [of course, ~50-year-old fans of the series will be delighted, but we are almost extinct]. Try to add something new, the possibility of theft, burglary, opening locks. Why are people returning to the old “Thief 1”? Because there’s an atmosphere there, because no game has done it better.
    The same should be done with LBA. End 😉

  26. Lot’s of things have already been said, so I won’t comment too much.
    Please, please, leave the main story intact. Expand on it, flesh out the characters more, put lots of side stories and whatever but please, leave the core of the story, especially of the characters, untouched. I want to play as an hero called Twinsen, not some parody of him. You have an audience right now: maybe it’s not what you want from a core audience in numbers, but we’re there nonetheless.

    1. I’m sure that Twinsen will be still the main character and the core of the story will be the same, it’s the remake of LBA1 after all, but even the reboot was meant to be about Twinsen and Zoe. I just hope that the story will be much deeper and developed, with well written characters, complex lore, many dialogues, but also with plenty of new content which we haven’t seen yet 🙂

  27. That’s great news. But i would prefer if this remake had the same concepts, art design and controls as the old, but all improved. I’m not talking about a simple remaster. It can be a full remake, with improvements. Like:

    The story: You cam make as many adds at the story as it make the game more relevant (especially in the LBA1, which the story is more simple). Just keep the original idea and improve with more sophistication on the lores.

    The gameplay: You could take the same idea and just make some improvements. The old gameplay has some problems for the “taste” of the new players. But the problem is in the way that they respond, not the style. Some changes would be necessary, but not to change it all. Just make the old gameplay to fit on the new taste and in the other changes.

    The artistic direction: I really would prefer a good realistic 3D (obviously, as realistic as a LBA scenario could be). I don’t know. This “cartoonized” graphics didn’t got me. It would be great for a comic book, but not for a LBA game, i think.

    So. It’s just take all the concepts on the original games and don’t change, but make huge improvements with new technology.

    PS: The soundtrack don’t need neither a remaster. It’s perfect as it was on the classics. Maybe add new tracks, if you make new storylines.

    PS2: Change the camera. I mean fully change it. The camera is the most anoyng part whem playing the old games.

    PS3: Keep all that acid humor that was in the old LBA games, you french like to use end all the others around the world love. It was the cherry on the cake of the other games.

    PS4: Twinsen’s Odyssey is the game of my life. And I’m waiting for the LBA3 since 1997. You, Fred and Didier, are prohibited to die without making this sequence.

  28. Hello! My opinion is what LBA remake shoud be:
    + add some new strories/island into the main storyline to increase the playing time
    + polish the gameplay where it is required
    + add new graphics/remastered pictures of environment but leaving the characters as similar as possible to the original
    + add a smoother gameplay
    + the geographical continuity of outdoor scenes
    + leave the original music
    + if the restart is successful, do the 3rd part of game

  29. Hey guys, and thank you for giving me something in the gaming world to look forward to again! Can’t wait to see your future work!

    I’ve thought on your request for input, and would love to see a few things if possible.

    I’d love to see more products from Phil Vachey. Music was a massive part of the original LBA experiences, and it I feel like a lot of fans will say the same, the original soundtrack needed the remaster, and I’d love to see more 90’s era sounding tracks added to the list, the original tracks were never enough, I always craved more from him haha.

    Combining lba 1+2 into one massive game:
    The storylines could be overlapped so you could travel to the same places between 2 differend eras of LBA life.

    Open-world concept:
    If Twinsun was made more open-world, so you could travel to any of the islands, that would be amazing! It would also be nice if your car could ferry with you between the islands. I always dreamed of being able to drive the lba2 car around citadel island haha.
    Also being able to see the sky in lba2 was a big deal to me. LBA1 was a great game as well, but being stuck staring at the ground all of the game except cutscenes was depressing. The skydome used in lba2 was awesome.

    My last bit of inspiration I have taken from other games; is the ability to do little side-quests that lead into side stories. For example: You go off on a quest with Jerome Baldino to the ruins of principal island to help loot parts he needs for the rocket ship to explore space. That rocket ends up looping into the lba2 Zeelich story.

    Thanks for all your hard work guys! I’m incredibly excited to be able to share this spot of happiness with my 4 year old so she can enjoy LBA as I did when I was her age!

  30. It’s crazy how much fear a term like “A modernized main storyline” can generate. And I do understand why, which is why I would very strongly urge you to clarify what you mean by that in the next post you make.
    People have such vastly different ideas of what that could mean, and many of them very bad, hence clarification could go a long way into calming people down.

    I could see it going really well, or really bad. The problem is that without knowing what -you- mean by it, it’s impossible to tell.

  31. Really looking forward to this.
    The new ideas sound exciting, but I hope the essence of the game is kept as it was.
    Many games have been ruined and dropped to be forgotten by the unnecessary addition of unrelated agendas.
    Know your audience, we’re excited out here!

  32. I hope the developers realise that it’s almost year 2024 and would also release mac and console versions, not just windows one.

    1. And not just Windows 10, but Windows 7 too, last one which can be offline activated using BIOS / DAZ loader, and let’s your Twinsen game will be really possible to install and run in standalone offline steam-less state, for preservation’s sake!

      I want to stay 1oo% independent in case of living where internet is not accessible at all, just as is with BIN/CUE in DosBOX in case of 20th century LBA games!

  33. Great news.

    I’d like to see the 2 games merged into 1. same graphics and everyhing and make it an extremely long gameplay with collectiables eg hidden items and achivements. Join them together with a story and a short video. It would be better pricing and advertisement and marketing POV and it would glue people like myself to the screen for long hours.

    Create a short video of various of scenes, island, greens, snow, space, beehive and activities like skiing, driving car, jatpacking, hiding in a box, fighting, going on a boat.

  34. Welp… Lots of people here proclaiming that “the audience” is afraid of it being “progressive”. 🙄

    So I’m here to tell I’m also part of the audience, I also love LBA and all its world(s) (since 1997, in my case), and I cherish anything that’s progressive, be it directly related to politics or not.

    Don’t be afraid to follow your hearts on what you want to say and bring to the world. It _will_ bring good things.

    Go forth. We believe in your decisions. And we’ll be right here, within a hand’s reach.
    Big hugs and best of luck to all of you. Much love, and see you real soon.

    1. As I said in my post, I think people fear the fact that they don’t elaborate on it, and conjure up the worst case scenario in their own heads on what they -could- mean with modernized story, you know?

      Modernized can mean so much other stuff than “progressive”, so we really need some form of clarification.

  35. I cannot wait for its release. This was my all time favourite game when I was younger and now my son is old enough to enjoy gaming, I’m looking forward to sharing this memory with him but in a version I’m sure he will love.

  36. Just wanted to let you know that I will support any future release of LBA, even if it’s a remake, remaster, reboot or even a new game.

    Looking forward to another playtest!

  37. I am super excited, LBA2 was my favorite childhood game that I had to finish when I got older because I didn’t speak English as a kid. I hope this game will reach a big part of the younger generations that will have as good memories of it in the future as I do now.

  38. What’s exactly the point of relying on publishers who do not wish to take risks?

    No offense but Obsidian Entertainment faced reality too and they decided to tap new funds with crowdfunding before going bankrupt. They successfully launched PoE1 and 2 before MS decided to take them over. Sometimes it’s no bad idea to make your customers your new investors instead. You guys did exactly the same thing for some fancy music edition some time ago, no? Why no crowdfunding for the entire game project too?

    Big Publishers, big game studios and big triple-A games are overrated. Just look at EA and Blizzard, the top failures of the industry these days. How to ruin top game titles, ask them.

    And this whole “remake” business. Too many remaster, remakes and reforged but little impact. Not to mention the new pest aka paid early access tricking customers to build up cash piles and liquidity for some publishers and game studios before they deliver a proper release candidate. It’s an abuse because early access was meant to work as soft release and to fix issues. Wouldn’t be surprised if EU targets this malpractice at some point.

    I honestly hope LBA will not end up in same trash bin like all those failures over the recent years. I really wanted to see LBA3 happen but after the big comeback drums the epic “hey we failed to convince a publisher” text wall excuse did not exactly convince me anymore. In fact I wouldn’t even participate in crowdfunding anymore after reading all the stuff because I’m now frustrated and first have to see whether your rmk business is going to work or not. And at this point I downgrade the perspective for this game together with my readiness to pay a good price too. I’ve seen too many triple-a rated scam and bad remakes, it’s really enough.

    I have no doubts you guys tried everything from your point of view and I was thrilled to hear about LBA come back, I mean it because I love this game, but as much as I believe you guys did everything I also believe you failed to tap all options and now faced the bitter reality as you explained.

  39. As a Long time fan of the LBA original games, an old Gamer, and even a little bit of game developer myself, I feel that I understand what you are facing, or at least I can have a tiny idea of what are the difficulties in doing what you are doing.
    I Loved the original LBA, long time ago in 1994, since I was a little boy. As much as I love it, I also understand the need for changing some things to better fit into the modern era. We all should remember that what happened Long time ago it was, indeed, Long time ago. It was a very nice story, that took place in a magical fantasy world. But the 90’s Technology had it’s limits. Maybe the game authors intended to make something bigger and deeper since the beginning, but they could not. We may don’t even know what their original ideas were.
    I’ve seen many different reactions throu the comments of this post. Some of them I don’t even understand, I mean the most negative ones. Some people is just arrogant , and pretend to know everything without even the smallest proof in support of their arguments.
    My personal comment is : Of course I cannot know what exactly you are making and how you are making it. But I have faith in your work. I am sure that whatever you are making, will bring new life into that magic world, and since it’s 2024 and the technology is more advanced than the 90’s I am sure that whatever comes out, Even if it will be One game instead of Two, Will be bigger and Deeper than the original, it will probably tell a more elaborated story, and will probably feel smoother, more dynamic, more detailed, more Alive, no matter what Style or what Form it will have.
    Personally, there are not specific things that I wish to be implemented in the new game, I really don’t know what you are making, but I really like what i’ve seen in the playtest tho. I have to say that it kinda felt like another “first time”.

    If there is something that I have to say, I would like it to be released on Pc (since I’ve always been playing on it) or Consoles, and not, let’s say, one of those products just for Phone. For sure, I would love to see the planet Twinsun once again, maybe to be free to explore it and discover things, to see Different biomes on each Island, stuff like that, to give that world that modern sensation of freedom. But at the same time, I think the world doesn’t have to be huge like the majority of modern OpenWorld games, otherwise It may feel dispersive after a while. I’ve always been fascinated by the Sailing aspect of the life on Twinsun, I would like the idea of pilot the boat myself, sailing away from the islands, and maybe take some time to stay in the deep ocean for a while. In a Similar way to what you may see in a game like “Dredge”.
    Anything else, i’ll just leave it to you! And I’ll just be here, Waiting. As I said, I really trust your work.
    Hope to hear news from you again as soon as possible.
    Thank you!

  40. I would have all new LBA games runnable from Windows 7 RTM, without service packs, since it is the last ever Windows customizable to generally reclaim all Windows 95/98/Me installation/usage features, at least with additional tools, while still capable of being visually switched to classic Windows 95/98/Me interface out of the box.

    1. Unity 2022 is still capable of producing games for Windows 7, thus you really can make new LBA games runnable on Windows 7.

  41. Really, in new LBA remakes, Twinsen’s tunic should be really verbatim copy of itself from ingame LBA movies from 20th century without any superman/batman-like alterations, duh! I mean no back-hanging cloak, but wide omnidirectional collar up to the wrists, instead…

  42. Steam platform itself contains

    Please release all your LBAs on Steam as Steam-independent installers, for the sake of future preservation.

  43. Let’s all your LBA games will be 1oo% activation free…. so let’s they will live forever in distant future!

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