Great news!

Dear Community,

We have been silent since the pre-alpha playtest this summer, but for a very good reason: negotiations with publishers! This crucial step requires meticulously presenting our project, having several exchanges, and agreeing on details. Once an agreement is reached, drafting the contract adds to our already intense work on the game.

Today, after months of hard work behind the scenes, we are thrilled to share a great piece of news: we have a publisher! Twinsen is (really) back!

Our first collaboration will be the remake of Little Big Adventure Classic. (And yes, you read that right: a remake! We will reveal more details in an upcoming article.)

But then who is this mysterious publisher? For now, we are keeping the information under wraps. Why this discretion? To answer that, it’s important to clarify the role of the publisher for our specific project. Apart from financing the team, our publisher aims to reach new players unfamiliar with Twinsen. To do this, certain industry codes must be respected. For instance, when a publisher makes an announcement, it’s through a cinematic trailer or by showing a part of the game in its final quality. As we have nothing yet to present in final quality, a full announcement seems premature.

Furthermore, since the start of this adventure in September 2021, we’ve made numerous announcements without always having concrete things behind them. This intentional choice (and mostly successful) is no longer desirable today.

We will therefore resume sharing the behind-the-scenes of this adventure with you, the fans, while letting our publisher handle presenting the game to the broadest audience at the ideal time.

We thank you immensely for your patience and unwavering support during these first two years. It has sometimes been difficult, but now we can look forward and move together towards the grand return of Twinsen!


30 thoughts on “Great news!”

  1. This is fantastic news! A bit confused about the ‘remake’ vs the ‘remaster’ though – is the original plan now a go and the remaster on hold? How far does this set back the timelines? Regardless, amazing update – can’t wait!

  2. This is fantastic! Can’t wait! 😀
    Hope it’s a huge publisher in order for this game to be promoted as it deserves

  3. Awesome, and congratulations!
    I wonder in what ways the Remake will differ from what we saw of the Remaster. Can’t wait for more news 🙂

  4. Great news indeed, but I will keep waiting for LBA 3 (and not some (too-cartoonish) remake of LBA 1) for as long as I shall live.

    1. Faço qualquer coisa e espero o tempo que for necessário, para ter a experiência de estar em Twinsun novamente!
      Façam o melhor possível, e por enquanto nós, fãs, estaremos aqui acompanhando e torcendo para que tudo dê certo!

  5. This is amazing news. I was really bummed when I thought it may not happen for a short while. I think you would find there are a lot who not only look forward to the remakes of these games but also a potential sequel 🙂 haha. Really great demo it was nice to see small differences and I really like the animations and the way the things look! I do recommend a collector’s edition even if it’s an item and a steam code I would totally jump on that. Will follow the progress of this game closely!! Thank you all who kept trying to make this work!

  6. Awesome news! I was absolutely heartbroken when I read your previous announcement. I immediately reached out to the publisher I’ve been working with for the past few years, asking if they could lend a hand. I’m sure many other indie developers who are fans of LBA did the same!
    I’m thrilled that now you can make our dreams come true. Cheers, guys!

  7. Awesome im really glad, u make me happy in a bad day like when i was a child.
    Hughes and kisses from argentina (L)

  8. Great news! I don’t care if it’s a remake, remastered or a complete new LBA.
    Everything that comes, I’ll take.

  9. This is awesome! One of the best christmas gifts one could possibly imagine.
    I am truly happy that your hard work finally paid off – that’s a really big achievement!
    Happy holidays and thanks for everything. <3

  10. Congrats!!!!

    It’s been a hard and painful path, but you’re there finally 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll manage to produce beautiful and wonderful remakes.

  11. Good news.
    Listen to the fans, talk with us.
    Don’t assume that only the old players from over 20 years ago will be the ones purchasing the new version. Trust in the game and its story; it will also appeal to new players.

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