> When is Little Big Adventure coming out?

The game is still at an early stage of development, so there’s no release estimate for now. We hope to release in 2024 for Twinsen’s 30th Anniversary, but we won’t sacrifice the quality of the game or our health to do so.

> Where can I get the game when it releases?

The game will be available on Steam for PC. We hope to release on consoles too, but nothing confirmed.

> Is Little Big Adventure available for pre-order

No, but you can add it to your wishlist on Steam! It’s almost like a pre-order but without having to spend money!

> Is there a beta and can I become a tester?

Like we organized the playtest for the pre-alpha, we will likely organise one for the upcoming phases of development.

> Will Little Big Adventure be available in my language?

The game will be translated in many languages. However, we can’t confirm whether the voice over will be available in your language. Our number 1 priority is English.

> What are the minimal requirements for my computer to run this game?

We are working on optimizing the game to make it run on laptops and lower end computers. Specifications will become available as we get closer to the beta version of the game.

> Can I send you ideas for the game?

Of course! Join our Discord community where we can have chat together: discord.gg/gfzna5SfZ5



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